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Resins and their applications for radiopharmacy

TrisKem manufactures selective resins for Lanthanides, Sr, Cu, Zr, Ac, In, Sc, Ga and many other radionuclides for medical purposes. We develop rapid, highly specific separation techniques for
- Separation of radionuclides from irradiated targets
- Quality control of radionuclides for medical use
- Post-generator purification
- Radioprotection and Radioanalysis
Our products are a standard technology in radiochemistry used by international accredited laboratories and monitoring agencies such as the IAEA, AREVA, IRSN, CEA, BfS, …).
TrisKem resins are used more and more often in the production of radionuclides for radiopharmacy and are employed by leading radionuclide manufacturers worldwide.

You will find a selection of our resins and their applications for radiopharmacy in our new leaflet here.


Our R&D is working on the development of new resins and methods in order to help you with your separation needs”
If you have a special separation need, if you would like to participate in a R&D project or if you are looking for a partner to commercialize a new technology which you have developed, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@triskem.fr