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Who are we?

Chemical products and separation technologies for radiation protection and environmental monitoring

TrisKem International SAS is an independent French medium size enterprise of a capital of 40.000 Euros. We develop, produce and commercialise chemical products and the associated accessories for radiation protection and monitoring of radioactivity levels in the environment.     

Our product line, well known under the name Eichrom Resins, consists of extraction chromatographic resins which allow the separation of radionuclides (actinides and fission products) from various samples and matrices (environmental, medical and bioassay samples as well as waste samples).

Our products are a standard technology in radiochemistry used by international accredited laboratories and monitoring agencies.
The resins, currently commercialised by TrisKem International, are the result of R&D efforts conducted with the aim to respond to important and complex problems in the radiochemical analysis.

We will continue this research & development and extent our field of competence to the area of environmental monitoring of non-radioactive pollutants.  We are developing our know-how in the aim to contribute with new applications and technologies to respond to the pressing questions of how to preserve and protect our environment.


Eichrom Environment becomes TrisKem International

TrisKems story begins in the year 1997 with the creation of Eichrom Europe. Dr Michaela Langer is in charge of developing both technical and administrative aspects of the company.

In January 2007, Michaela Langer and her associate Céline Vignaud create Eichrom Environmen and acquire the trading activity (distribution of Eichrom' resins) of Eichrom Europe SAS (France) and the know-how of manufacturing resins from Eichrom Technologies Inc. (United States).

Eichrom Environment becomes Triskem International SAS on 1st June 2008. Its aims are to insure the continuity of the implemented production, to develop new products and also to extent its field of activities to other services in order to reply to new needs.

Dr Steffen Happel, R&D Manager of Triskem International SAS, becomes associate partner in 2010.

In November 2015, Triskem International moves to brand new Head Office to 3 rue des Champs Géons in Bruz, south of Rennes, the Breton capital.
Triskem International optimizes its flows by accommodating under the same roof its administration, its production and its R&D laboratories.

Triskem International is ISO-certified 9001 since July 2007 in order to better serve its customers requests and to continuously improve its quality system.